Architecture&Interior Design Studio

The studio was founded by Ivan Selvinsky and Ekaterina Vyazminova, graduates of the Moscow Architectural Institute who have worked in the architectural field for many years. We create interiors and design countryside properties in a modern style. And we also have a whole team of passionate design and architecture professionals working with us!

What we do?

Why we?

We have a strong team

In contrast to freelancers and small teams, a group of specialists always works on one project: a designer, a project manager, a fitter, a specialist of the designer's supervision.

We are always in touch

In contrast to large architectural firms, studio leaders are directly involved in the work themselves: they are in working chats, meet with clients

We managing

We perform project management: we plan work and deadlines, build a roadmap, and link all participants in the process. The project manager can always give a report on current issues

Engineering in one hands

We develop the engineering systems ourselves and coordinate the solutions with the design project. This reduces the risk of errors in the implementation process

Transparent fitout terms

Transparent picking process and clear payment policy. All goods are collected in a single schedule, which is also used for financial planning of the project implementation


We have accumulated many years of experience in the realization of interiors and suburban construction, and we always see a project through to completion

We can be useful

How is everything organized?

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