Общая площадь : 100 м2

Проектирование : 2013

Авторский коллектив: A+A Group: Alexey Vyazminov, Ekaterina Vyazminova, Anna Reshetnik

Today we will look at the design of the apartment made in a minimalist way, combined with notes of colonial and classical styles. Let's start with the hallway and the guest room. The walls and ceiling of the room are made in white color with extensive geometric ornaments reminiscent of the walls of a spaceship, which adds a futuristic interior. At the same time in the middle of the room there is a rather classic sofa and an arm-chair in grey and beige colors which at the same time contrasts and complements the light walls and the surfaces of tables and chandeliers.

Going further you can get into the kitchen, which is also equipped in high-tech solutions. Among the dominant colors of the surfaces are brown, beige and gray - a perfect combination. The toilet and bathroom are even "bolder": fully-contrasting mirror surfaces of the walls and sanitary ware are illuminated by a classic style chandelier, one narrow wall surface and at all made of volumetric stone.

Complement the photos of the apartment design solutions of the two bedrooms - they are opposite. In one you can notice the colonial style and brown shades, the second on the contrary is snow-white and fully corresponds to the modern direction.

Fusion - this word will be able to fully convey the harmony and the play of moderate colors and decorations filling this house.