Общая площадь : 350 м2

Проектирование : 2016

Imagination of designers, pedantry in the performance of work and the right dialogue with the client - the key to success in the implementation of any project. Interior design is no exception. Our studio employs experienced professionals who not only develop a project in accordance with fashion trends, but also take into account all your wishes.

Design of the restaurant BLACKBERRY STEAKHOUSE
The main tasks during the development of the design for this restaurant were not only external appeal and originality of details but also the creation of a spacious, cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

High ceilings and large window openings allowed for beautiful stained glass and special forged designs for lighting design. Fixtures are attached at different heights, which allows the light to fall not evenly and create beautiful shadows and glare. The bar counter is made quite simply, made of wood shelves for bottles and tableware, for decoration on the top shelf are placed unusual bottles and glasses. On the front side of the bar is volumetrically decorated the name of the restaurant.

For customers there are high tables with bar stools and standard tables of normal height, they are located on opposite sides of each other. The walls and ceiling are decorated with treated and unprocessed planks of different types of wood. The restaurant space is divided into zones, you can sit privately for two or relax in a large company. You can order the design of the restaurant by contacting us by phone or via email through the website. We are ready to answer all your questions, feel free to contact us!