Общая площадь : 140 м2

Проектирование : 2018 Начало реализации : 2019

Авторский коллектив: Ekaterina Vyazminova, Ivan Selvinsky При участии: Yulia Khabarova, Daria Mordvinova

The project was commissioned by a family with a child, but the young people do not plan to limit themselves to one. Therefore, in this apartment, they envisioned two children's bedrooms, one of which may serve as a guest room or office for the first time.

The apartment is located in Tyumen in a club housing complex, which was built quite recently. The apartment was originally designed so that only the bedrooms had views, and the living room windows looked out onto the yard. We proposed to move the kitchen and living room to another façade, thus redesigning the apartment. Now the main views are from the windows of the living room and the kitchen, and the bedroom windows face the quiet courtyard. In addition, the loggia has also changed. Before it was warm and glazed, but now it is as if it were in the same room as the kitchen, without any partitioning. To achieve this effect, we made gaps in the wall, thus integrating the space of the loggia into the space of the apartment.

The design of the apartment is made in a moderate modern classics without any complicated elements. When they approached us the clients wanted classics, and when they realized we were minimalists they decided it would be even more appropriate.

Stepping into the apartment, we see a small hallway, from which we have exits to two bedrooms, a guest bathroom and a walk-in closet. From this hallway there is also an exit to the living room. We marked it with a special decorative element. A pearl. Going through it, you get the feeling as if from a chamber room - the hallway - you get into the day area of the living room. Why the pearl? First of all, although from the outside it looks oval, on the plan the pearl is round. You step into this passageway and find yourself as if you were inside a large gold bubble. There is a golden brass pancake on the floor here, the walls are finished in metal, and if you look up, you see a dome. This gem doesn't look that way externally, but internally. Once inside the golden bubble, we walk through and into another space - the bright living room.

The living room is combined with the kitchen and forms a single space. The kitchen area is an island of marble, an apron of the same stone and a countertop close to the tone of the wall finish. And on the opposite side of the island is a view of the TV with a fireplace and a shelving unit.
An area with an armchair where an open shelving unit with metal decorative inserts is the accent area. To the right of the TV is a glazed fireplace. If you look closely, you can notice the stucco on the ceiling, it is very restrained, so it does not stand out from the overall interior.

The bedroom is very airy and light. In the center there is a large bed with soft pillows, and the headboard is so plush, suede and velvety. The faceted mirrors make the room brighter and more spacious, and brings a touch of sophistication and nobility to the room. Opposite the bed there is a veneer insert, and the boudoir is made with inserts of brass.

The children's room is just as mature and calm. For the period of childhood it can be decorated with different elements. The neutral design allows the room to exist for the whole period of the child's transformation.

The bathroom is made in pink and purple. The bathtub is built in marble. The mirrors by Baxter deserve special attention. They are practically in the floor and do not end where the shelf begins. So they visually represent a slender vertical element. When there are two of them next to each other, they slim the room, and the tabletop becomes a cutting shelf for them.

The guest bathroom is more minimalist. It is made in dark grayish-purple shades.

The apartment is very even in palette, it is done in warm white, and only accents dilute this color. These accents are furniture groups, functional areas, decorative elements. The interior is very balanced, as it involves a small number of materials. The color of the walls and ceilings is uniform, and the floor is wooden parquet. The wood in color is very close to the metal. The metal, on the other hand, can be traced throughout the apartment. The pearl, the chandeliers, the floor lamps, the decor elements, the moldings in the panels all use the same brass material. It is present not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom and children's room.