Общая площадь : 110 м2

Проектирование : 2019 Начало реализации : 2020

Авторский коллектив: Ekaterina Vyazminova, Ivan Selvinsky При участии: Ekaterina Zhigalyova, Anastasia Kazban, Daria Mordvinova

The family of the customers is a husband, wife and two children: a girl of 8 and a boy of 5. The man is fond of playing guitar, so he wanted a special place-a study room into which he could go right out of the bedroom. The wife likes rough textures, concrete in the interior, and the husband likes smooth surfaces more, so we got another compromise between the man and the woman.

Now there is a trend to combine kitchen and living room space, but the customers wanted the opposite: to make a spacious living room where the kids would play console games. And while the kids play, parents can chat with guests in the kitchen, and no one interrupts anyone. The living room is in a space isolated from the windows, so we had the task of making it lighter. So we had a stained-glass window from the children's room, which gives natural light to the guest area. Metal, reflective panels on the side of the sofa visually expand the space. The reddish-brown hue of the sofa accentuates the picture from above.

Guided by the wishes of the customers to make a cylindrical hood so as not to overload the kitchen space, we made a small lightweight open shelf, which will have everything you need for the hostess. In the evening lighting gives the feeling that the shelf is floating in the air. The stone countertop in the work area echoes the round insert in the dining table. And the thick stone leg at the table is reminiscent of an ancient Greek column. The chandelier above the table creates a kind of art accent. And on the side is a round element of oxidized metal, behind which are hidden sockets in case you want to hang a TV. Round shapes frame the entire kitchen, smoothing out the harshness of the corners and giving the interior an airy feel.

The master bedroom is designed in calm white and dark gray tones. The round mirror above the bed reminds of the moon in the dark starry sky and the night lighting creates an enveloping atmosphere of semi-darkness, which makes you want to fall asleep. The area above the bed with slats has not only a decorative function, but also a storage function. The study seems to merge with the bedroom, smoothly flowing out of it and not disturbing the color balance. Despite its small area, it has everything you need: a working area, a place to play the guitar and a hookah. The desk in the study reclines at any time, thereby freeing up space for music lessons.

The daughter's room in pink powder shades is reminiscent of a princess room from Disney cartoons. The rounded inserts above the bed, reminiscent of marshmallow, an open pocket and shelving unit, a soft pink sofa similar to ice cream - all this creates an atmosphere of fairy tale, magic, which even an adult would like to live in. A white glossy cabinet with a magnetic surface, on which the child can hang his first masterpieces or draw right there.

The boy's room is done in dark gray and white hues. Like his daughter's nursery, there is a magnetic drawing surface. In addition, the room has a special place for a climbing wall and a rope. So, it will be possible to do sports, even without going outside. The wall behind the bed is painted in such a way that the uneven ledges resemble the dark gray skyscrapers of New York City. The room is done in understated, dim colors, so when the boy grows up, it won't have to be changed.

Separating the bathrooms into a child's and adult's bathroom not only saves time, but also creates completely different atmospheres in the two spaces.
The adult bathroom is more austere and calm in ashy pink and white hues.
The children's bathroom is completely white, diluted with only the multicolored terazzo stone.

The dressing room has both a laundry and an ironing room. A small room perfectly fits all the most necessary things.