Общая площадь : 110 м2

Проектирование : 2019 Начало реализации : 2020

Авторский коллектив: Ekaterina Vyazminova, Ivan Selvinsky При участии: Maria Borodina, Ekaterina Zhigalyova, Anastasia Kazban

The client is a young family with girls of 11 and 5. My wife prefers classic style and my husband likes minimalism, so here we have another compromise - minimalism with such classical elements as chandeliers, marble, rounded mirrors and chandeliers.

The layout of the apartment has not changed much. Large living room, not very successful long hallway with exits to the bathroom, children's room and master bedroom at the end. The clients wanted to have doors so they couldn't see the intimate area, so we made a partition wall that is practically part of the living room.

The kitchen is not very large, so there was the question of how best to do it. We had the option of putting in a table or trying it with an island. The island option is good for people who work a lot. If you spend a lot of time at work, you are rarely at home and have almost no feasts. Therefore, an island is an ideal option in such a case. It does not require a lot of space compared to the table, but at the same time it performs all the necessary functions.

The living room is made in light colors, which are diluted with cushions of chocolate shades. The accent in the living room is a large puffy sofa. Next to it is a table of unusual shape by Milan designer Vincenzo De Cotis. It is made of molten brass, in which pieces of uneven stones are inserted. The same shabby, shabby carpet. It may seem like a return to the classics, but it's such minimalism now. It's in scuffed, aged pieces. On the long wall in the hallway is a huge full-length painting that accentuates the table and rug and harmonizes with them. Next to the window is an armchair from '63 by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

The only doubt the customers had about the wall with the TV. Long walls are always the most difficult to solve, because a crushed long wall looks like a piano and a monolithic forehead looks too heavy. So we made it so that the wall goes through and the forehead is mounted on that wall. The shelving is refined with ribbed glass. Next to the sofa is a fireplace with cannelures and metal, creating warmth and coziness.

The chandelier in the form of large drops is not classic, but not minimalist either. Its rounded shape repeats the shape of the cannelure in the kitchen. The kitchen itself is made of marble, which sends us back to the classics: a rounded island, a footstool. If you look at the island from above, it has a round insertion of stone, otherwise it is made of porcelain stoneware.

The stone in the hallway echoes the colors of the table in the living room. It resembles a river with clear water, through which we can see multicolored pebbles. The mirrors in the classic style rotate like bilges, so you can look at yourself from all sides. Nearby is a graceful shelf, but an equally functional shelf.

Although the girls are different in age, nevertheless they will live in one room, so everything should be equal: two beds, two workstations and two shelves. The room is made with elements of a transformer apartment: the beds have a function to retract, after which the chairs appear. Opposite the beds is a rolling door. It can be slid open to reveal a shelving unit or TV set.

The master bedroom is a curtsy to the woman. The walls are pure classics with inlaid fine brass profile. Emerald stone, pouffe of the same color, boudoir with metal legs and cannelures in the table top - all this sends us back to the classics. A balcony for a man to work and smoke. It goes flush with the floor in the room, thus creating a single space.

The bathroom turned out rather dark, despite the delicate purple-gray shade of the walls. This color blends perfectly with the stone, similar to the color of a zebra. The purple-colored marble countertop runs flush with the tub. The countertops have large tall wash bowls and floor mirrors that seem to cut through the countertop.

The guest bathroom is very small, yet it accommodates the shower, ironing board, and laundry room.