Apartment design at NEVATOWERS

The customers, a pleasant young couple, founders of a large IT-company, turned to us after they had seen one of our TV-projects. Initially, the apartment was handed over by the developer in a “white box” state – when there were partitions, the electrical system was laid out, indoor units of air conditioners were installed, besides, the customers had already purchased some furniture by that time (a kitchen, sofa, kitchen island). All this imposed certain restrictions on the design process, we even doubted for some time, whether in these conditions to make something interesting and take the project into work. But we were won over by the clients’ readiness for experimentation and commitment to the strict contemporary aesthetics. And we were not sorry – the project was successful indeed, both in terms of implementation and in terms of interesting design solutions.

The austere, minimalist interior of the apartment looks particularly cinematic in cloudy weather, in the whole range of the gray shades. It may seem to some that such a “Scandinavian” character makes the space cold and uncomfortable, but only to those who have never experienced it. In fact the textile textures, soft warm light, muted shades only increase the effect that you are in your quiet corner, in your home, and only watching life behind the glass from the side.

And a separate, absolutely fantastic experience arises in a moment of low cloudiness, when behind the window absolutely nothing is visible, and only homogeneous “white” milk, more like a huge light box. You begin to feel like one of the characters in a sci-fi movie, rushing through space and time in the body of a huge spaceship to new adventures.

Short description

Area: 110 m2
Initially in “white box”
Design: 2020
Realization: 2021


Leading designer: Ekaterina Zhigaleva
Photographer: Anastasia Martova

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