Общая площадь : 73 м2

Проектирование : 2019 Начало реализации : 2019

Авторский коллектив: Ivan Selvinsky, Ekaterina Vyazminova При участии: Anna Greben, Elina Falakhova, Anastasia Kazban

Фото: (c) VSA

The apartment is located in the heart of the capital in an old beautiful house. The windows offer unique views of the panorama of the embankment of the Moscow River, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, the CMEA and the metro bridge. An artist used to live in this apartment on the 10th floor. He had practically no relatives, so there was no one to leave this romantic nook. After him the apartment had old paintings, sketches, sculptures, and high ceilings, unobtrusive moldings, and entresols gave the place its own special romantic atmosphere. I wanted to leave everything as it was and keep this original creative spirit.

The clients, a family with two boys, one 17 and the other 4, wanted each to have their own nook where they could have privacy. The original plan was to put the oldest and youngest son together by making a large living room. However, the clients explained that their family is all introverted, and most of the time they spend a lot of time separately in their rooms. Therefore, in a relatively small area it was necessary to arrange three full-fledged isolated bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and not to forget about storage.

Following the images of the architects, the authors of the building, who drew their inspiration and style from Italian architecture, we wanted to create a bright and emotional interior, which absorbed the heritage of the era and the energy of our time. Acting on the basis of the client's wishes to make the interior in calm cold "earthy" green and brown tones, the project, on the contrary, has turned out very effective and bright. The variety of textures in the decoration, along with the subtle color tonality, creates an almost physical sensation of tactility.

The master bedroom has a huge window with a panorama of the embankment, so we wanted the window to be visible not only from the bedroom, but also from the living room. To do this, we used a sliding partition instead of a door. This solution creates a sense of the space "developing" farther away than the viewer sees, a sense that the apartment and the room are much larger than what is visible. This happens due to the fact that the brain itself builds up additional spaces. Now we can, sitting on a chair in the living room and sipping our morning coffee, look out the window and watch the city wake up before our eyes.

There are nuances in the bedroom finishes that create a homogeneous space with the living room. The closet in the bedroom doesn't reach all the way to the wall, but ends with the same open shelving unit as in the living room. What's more, the gray terrazzo stone in the bedroom also comes from the living room. Above the kitchen table fits a small round window, which has been laid out for a long time. It not only brings in more light, but also gives a certain zest to the apartment.

In addition, the customers asked to use one old chandelier with crystal lights in the interior. When we started going through the chandeliers for the living room, it was not in harmony with the overall interior. Since there are different metals in the kitchen, particularly brass and copper, we needed to hang something of the same materials. Then we found a gold chandelier that looks like a flower petal or seashell, the interior immediately came together and became interesting. When the owner saw the new chandelier she did not want to use the old one anymore. However, we took her wishes into account and used crystals and crystals in the interior, but more modern. If you look carefully, you can find details in every room that refer back to that crystal chandelier.

The apartment had very accurate and exquisite moldings, which we did not want to change at all, so we decided to make impressions of the old moldings and repeat them in the new interior.

We want to pay special attention to the checkroom and hallway. They are made in the same style with exquisite moldings, gold elements and an unusual chandelier with crystals. The dressing room canvas looks like a piece of wall, although in fact this wall with a brass handle in the ceiling rolls and opens a mirror.