Общая площадь : 20 м2

Проектирование : 2018

Авторский коллектив: Ekaterina Vyazminova, Ivan Selvinsky

Фото: Василий Буланов

The first impression is probably the most accurate. This time it did not let us down either - a young couple, open and cheerful people. They immediately attracted us to them and with inspiration, vying with one another began to tell us about the life of their dreams. It was obvious that everyone was in a hurry to share their exciting anticipation of something they knew they loved. Maria and Alexander did not hide the fact that for them the very participation in the TV show was already a great joy, and in this sense they were ready for any result. After all, in their own words, "it definitely will not get any worse. But it was this unconditional credit of trust that motivated us and made us particularly responsible.

Of the requests for redesign there was one major - the need to combine two small rooms into one, large and comfortable, which would be the center of family life. And several secondary, such as creating additional sleeping space, desk, storage system, zoning the living room from the hallway and so on. Usually when working with small spaces we have to make compromises, prioritize and give up something. But this time we were happy with the fact that we were able to implement almost every idea we heard.

By happy coincidence, the partition which separates the hall from the living room is not load-bearing. This allowed us to completely remove it and unite the rooms. We also removed the window sill at the exit to the loggia. The loggia itself was glazed with windows with a warm profile, insulated along the perimeter and laid underfloor heating mats.

We designed a multifunctional system of cabinets with a working space and successfully zoned the space with different textures and materials. All this allowed to create a beautiful, spacious space, not devoid of functionality and comfort.

Forming the image of the future interior, we have developed two parallel storylines. The first is the projection of linear graphic compositions. This technique is reflected in both the large and the smallest details of the interior: the structure of the glass partition leading onto the loggia, the graphics of the seams on the wall of ceramic granite, the linear structure of the clock, the woven frames of the chairs, the wall lamp made of thin rods and plates - all details, each in its own way, but together, creating a complete idea. And the second line is the work with the textures; their juxtaposition, the use of rough, even brutal surfaces of concrete and natural slate in contrast to the refined, smooth planes of the painted facades, glass and mirrors, or velvety, soft textiles - all create a sense of depth at the tactile level, emotional and sensual response.

Despite the fact that we have practically abandoned color and used only nuanced shades of gray, the interior does not look boring or impersonal. Surfaces take the shades of the environment, reflecting the incident light, becoming now warm and now cold, all materials look very expressive.

By using tiered lighting systems and a wide variety of lighting fixtures, we have created different lighting scenarios that can transform spaces dramatically, up to the point where they are completely unrecognizable. It can be bright and dynamic, mysteriously muted, monochrome or colored.

Many interior details, not to mention furniture, have been designed specifically for this project. For example, the handle of the glass partition, the clock, the pendant lights, the pull-out table behind the sofa, or the leg mechanism of the recliner we invented.