Общая площадь : 18 м2

Проектирование : 2018 Начало реализации : 2018

Авторский коллектив: Ekaterina Vyazminova, Ivan Selvinsky

In the first sketches when creating the interior it became clear that we were making a portal to a certain kingdom, the kingdom of Morpheus. We developed two striking images: the allusion to the natural landscape and, as an extension, the primitive dwelling, and the second image - a portal, a guide, a gateway to the realm of Morpheus. The transition from the real world to the ephemeral, from the existing to the parallel universe. Therefore, the room is divided into the dark side - the realm of sleep, illusion and the light side - that of day. These are two opposing images, but the dark-colored bed connects the two spaces together. The same function is carried by the lamps that transition into the dark closet front.
Creating a world of reality, we chose a lightweight structure that is painted to look like concrete and looks like stone. It is an allusion to the cave theme: stone vaults, surfaces - rough, textured.
The ball-shaped lamp symbolizes the fire. It warmly illuminates the space under the table, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room.
The cabinet fits in the very center of the room. In addition to its practical function, which is the place for the television, it also has a decorative function - the blue suede insertion creates warmth and comfort in the room. Thanks to its translucent surface, it gives the impression that it's not a closet at all, but an exit to another room.
The white wall by the bed is also decorative. It has not only seams symbolizing the images of rain, waterfall, but also lighting, the brightness and color of which changes.
A special place, especially for women, is the dressing table. In this part of the room, all elements are rounded. The mirror resembles the sun or the moon, next to it is a round lamp for evening makeup, a soft pouffe and decorative vases. All details are in harmony with each other, and round shapes soften the interior and make it complete.