Общая площадь : 400 м2

Проектирование : 2019

Авторский коллектив: Ekaterina Vyazminova, Ivan Selvinsky При участии: Anna Greben, Elina Falakhova, Daria Mordvinova, Valentin Petrov

The company's office is located in the heart of Moscow, on Petrovka Street, and occupies three floors of a historic building - the basement, first and second floors. The assignment was to use different levels for clear functional zoning of separate zones, each of which had its own finished concept. The first floor became the grand space whose only (and main) purpose was to present the company. Here could be held presentations, art exhibitions, performances, the space can turn into a nightclub or an art gallery. In normal times, the interior of the first floor was supposed to create a sense of immediacy, drive and unconventional approach. In other words, the first floor has a declarative and presentational function.
The second floor performs the utilitarian function of the main workspace. Here are situated workplaces for managers, directors' offices and negotiation rooms. We had in mind a simple, lightweight solution to the space, where coloured glass, "domestic" carpets, and natural wood on the floors are used.
The underground part of the office has a separate, most important and responsible function - to serve the most demanding people, who demand an individual approach, privacy and confidentiality. Especially for such guests in the basement lounge with a bar, tasting room and cinema was organized. Everything to transfer the potential buyer from the daily bustle to the virtual world of his future reality.

Thinking over the concept of interiors we proceeded from the fact that the customer is a well-known and reputable company on the international market. The fact that a player of such scale enters the local Moscow market should have been a notable event for all the market players. In addition, the history and experience of the company allow it to radically change the balance of power and the very approach in the work. We thought that irreconcilability to hardships, disregard for the established way of things, and rebelliousness are the definitions that should have been the basis of the office interior. Rejection of canons, independence from historical context, bright and bold declaration of individuality.

As part of the bid, we have developed sketches of the entry of the first floor of the real estate agency office, functional zoning schemes, selected analogues of interior solutions and created a presentation video.